Mokume Gane

We've been delving into a Japanese metalworking technique originally used to create decorative fittings on samurai swords. It's called Mokume Gane.

The fine patterns in the final product are created through a process of layering different metals, in different colours. The stunning, and completely unique patterns resemble natural wood grains. The Japanese term Mokume Gane translates as 'wood grain metal'.

Are you looking for something completely unique, perhaps an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or any other piece of jewellery that you can imagine? Perhaps a Mokume Gane piece is for you. We layer the metals and create the jewellery by hand in our workshop. We even win awards for it, see our Awards page for more information.

The Mokume Gane pieces that we create for competition and our showroom sell very quickly, so come and view what we have available, or speak to us about what you have in mind for an obligation free quote.

The pictured pieces are made from 9ct rose gold, 9ct white gold, silver, copper and stainless steel, with a Rhodolite garnet as the centrepiece on the necklace.