Design Awards


In 2017 de Klerk Jewellers decided to venture into the world of Design Awards to see how our work stood up against the best jewellers in the country.

Of the three competitions we entered, we won two categories one competition, and we were one of four finalists in the other two. As a result we had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the finest designers in Australia and New Zealand, we had glossy features in both Jeweller and Jewellery Magazines, and a display piece in this years International Jewellery Trade Fair for the whole world to see.

Australian Jewellery Design Awards 2017

Winner: Best Pendant 

Winner: Best Necklace Up To $5000.

Jewellery Association Of Australia Jewellery Awards 2017

Finalist: Diamond Category

Australian Jewellery Design Awards 2018

Winner: Best Mens Engagement Ring Over $5000

Finalist: Best Pendant Up To $5000.

Finalist: Best Pendant Over $5000.